Use of Steel Structures in the Indian Construction Industry

The latest study and report show that India should use Steel Structures in Construction Industries. For the construction of residential and commercial complexes. It accelerates the construction works far better than the conventional method. And helps to retain the unique cultural appearance. So, the industry suggests the use of pre-engineered steel structures in the Indian construction industry.

                        use of steel in Indian construction company

Use of Steel Structures in Indian Construction Industries can accelerate the development process in the new building. A small shift from the conventional method of concrete construction to the pre-engineered steel structure minimizes the completion time into half the years. And now, fabricated steel is available, and became common. Now its widely used for interior fabrication and it is not really pre-fabricated structures. But here I am telling about the extensive use of steel structures in the large and complex structural design construction. It is both an easy maintenance and easy installation.

Advantages of Pre-engineered Steel structures

  • Reduction in Construction Time
  • Buildings can be delivered in just a few weeks, after the approval.
  • Lower Cost.
  • The flexibility of Expansion and joints.
  • Larger Spans.
  • Quality Control.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems.
  • Architectural Versatility.
  • Maintain the beauty of construction.


Features of Steel structures over the conventional method

An efficiently designed structural pre-engineered steel can be 30% lighter than a conventional concrete building. Lighter weight results in lesser and potential steel. And completes the framework at a low-cost price. And steel is a highly durable metal. When compared to concrete structure steel has good load-carrying capacity. And of course, a steel structure can be made without any foundation. But a concrete structure can’t. Because it is heavy. A concrete structure is time-consuming. Another advantage of the steel over concrete is it has the scrap value. But concrete has not.