Different Types of Purlins in Pre-Construction


Purlins are the strength-giving or supporting horizontal structures that help roofs and wall sheeting. Different types of purlins have a perfect height to weight ratio and subsequently are stronger, lighter and easier to install. Purlins are most commonly used in Metal Building Systems,  There are two types of purlins

  • Wooden purlins, and
  • Steel purlins.

Apart from this, there are:

  • C Purlin (Cee Purlin)
  • Z Purlin (Zed Purlin)

C and Z Purlins

Types of Purlins

C and Z Purlins are the steel structures used in the secondary framing of pre-engineered buildings. These provide support to the roof and also transfer the load to the primary structure. Purlins expandability and strength used for wider spans, making them ideal for large size roof requirements in workshops, factories, and industrial sheds. The purlins are in turn supported by roofs or walls.

Growth of Purlins in Steel Construction Market



The growth of the market was considered on the basis of the market and the demand in the market. An in-depth analysis has been conducted to understand the actual figures. Furthermore, careful consideration has been provided in the sense of market landscape and its growth prospects to come to perfect numbers and percentages.

At present, the market is leaning towards a lighter and stronger purlin profile. Cold-formed steel purlins and side rail systems have been out in the world for years. However, the fact that there is no fundamental change in the products had not seen a lot of change in the years. However, technological advancements have increased the changes and the use of the same. But truth be told, the growth is still low and slow.

Where to get Purlins in India?

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