Types of Pre Engineered Buildings and Its Advantages

Types of Pre Engineered Buildings & its advantages – Being into less construction time, cost-effectiveness, high-quality, low-maintenance, clear span, and other useful features, PEB Pre-Engineered Buildings is seen as a breakthrough in the construction market. Pre-engineered buildings fulfill one of the most important requirements of most industries, i.e., large column-free areas. No wonder, these are preferred by Godown Shed Manufacturer, showrooms, vehicle parking, gas stations, canopies for outdoor stadiums and auditoriums, and so on.

Types of Pre Engineered Buildings

Types of PEB (Pre-Engineered Buildings)

There are two types of systems associated with PEB – primary and secondary. The former system involves rafters and columns, whereas the latter involved C and Z Purlin for keeping the structure together. Using purlins helps in cost reduction by 50% in comparison to conventional beams, channels, and angles.

Available in various dimensions and thickness, purlins ensure no fabrication cost and wastage. Purlins are easy to install, low maintenance, corrosion-resistant, light-weight, and durable. Therefore, these have become more and more popular these days.

So, in conclusion, These are the different types of Pre Engineered Buildings

PEB Structural System

The structural system of Pre Engineered buildings gives compatibility at its best. The structural system contains factory-fabricated and factory painted steel column and beam segments that are simply bolted together while production. Both the columns and beams are custom-fabricated, these are made by cutting steel plates into the desired thickness and welding them together to make the I section.

All the cutting & welding is done by industrial robots for faster and accurate production, workers feed them with a CAD drawing of the beams to the industrial robots and the rest of the process is done by them. Structural system in Pre Engineered buildings makes the process of construction smooth, fast and extremely reliable. Structural system is the only form of construction in which the structures are designed to carry exactly the loads envisioned.

Ready-made and picture-perfect roofing solutions

With a reputable manufacturer and supplier, you will get a wide range of roofing solutions. One of such solutions is the Color Coated Roofing Sheet. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of the same –

  • These are a perfect fit for any rooftops regardless of length, width, and thickness
  • Fitted with a hostile notch, these roofing solutions provide you with a waterproof rooftop.
  • These roofing solutions look smart and discreet.
  • These sheets can be easily drilled, locked, bent, cut and stamped to meet the desired requirements without having to degrade the paint-life and quality.
  • Plus, these are weatherproof and available in a wide range of colors.
  • As these are Pre-Engineered, these also have an excellent aesthetic appeal.

Now that you know about PEB and its applications, you should start considering these. However, make sure to choose a reliable manufacturer to avail the best products.

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