Straight Column Steel building

Straight Column Steel Building is the most popular steel building structure. All types of pre-fabricated buildings have different requirements. as discussed in this series on steel framing, choosing a clear span or modular span framing is the first step. That determination is based on size, application, and budget for the project.

RHINO’s prefab steel buildings use “rigid-frame” framing. Also known as “red-iron” because of the red-oxide paint on the steel, these structures are manufactured to be Oriental Peb.


oriental PEB  uses seven basic types of prefabricated buildings, as you can see in the illustration. Each of the blogs in this series will discuss the strengths of one of these steel-framing methods.

We begin with basic straight column prefabricated steel framing.


  • Straight Column
  • Single Slope
  • Tampered Column
  • Lean-to
  • 1 Row Modular Span
  • 2 Row Modular Span
  • 3 Row Modular Span

Straight Column Steel building

Out of these 7 Steel Building Structures, most engineers use Straight Column Steel Building Structure. Because it is very easy for doing interior work after once the structure work is finished. As the frame of straight column steel building is less we will get more interior space than getting from any other structure.


Many people choose a Straight column structure because interior finishing is easier to install than with a tapered column framing system. The straight walls maximize usable floor space. The minimum horizontal loads of a straight column system often save money on slab foundations, as well.

Straight column frames are generally used in structures up to about 80’ wide. However, building widths over 40’ are sometimes more economical with tapered column framing. If your structure is to be 50’ or more, you may want to have the building quoted both ways to evaluate your options.

Straight column framing works great for small offices or other free-standing commercial or retail operations. They are also popular with restaurants and other businesses where maximum use of interior space is important.

straight column steel building