Steel Structural Buildings
  • Fully engineered, factory-fabricated high quality structures.

  • Lighter than conventional buildings, with minimal steel intake.

  • Use of high strength steel.

  • Use of high yield strength hot rolled steel sections or hollow sections with maximum steel optimization.

  • Cold form steel for light framing system and metal decking system.

  • Shot blasted steel framing on par with international standards.

  • Sheer stud to ensure concrete steel bonding.

  • Corrosion resistant priming on steel frames.

  • Standard painting on steel of low VOC.

  • Fire resistant painting to meet safety standards.

  • High strength bolts for primary and secondary framing system.

  • Use of eco-friendly materials to achieve high LEED rating.

  • Provide complete interface solution for all types of internal and external needs.

Steel structural buildings are structures fabricated with steel for internal support as well as for exterior cladding and are used for purposes of storage, workspaces and for accommodation. Steel structural buildings were accepted by the early 20th century and are classified according to their usage. These buildings become widely accepted due to the cost efficiency and the range of its application improved with materials, products and design capabilities with the availability of CAD software. Common types of steel structural buildings are straight-walled, structural type and are categorized as clear span or multiple spans. Clear span steel structural buildings won’t have structural supports in the interior space utilizes large beams and reduce internal supporting columns. This building is cost-effective than the buildings with interior columns.

For applications like agricultural industry, steel arch buildings are used and are very cost effective. Compared to arch buildings straight walled buildings provide more space. These straight walled buildings are commonly used for commercial, industrial and for many other purposes. Long bay buildings utilize prefabricated metal frames combined with beams to give out larger openings and clearances in buildings. Term prefabricated refers to the building portions that are assembled before shipment to site. Simple and small steel structural buildings are easier to be prefabricated or easier to be constructed. While larger steel buildings require expert and proficient workers that ensure proper and safe assembly.

Oriental PEB sustains in moulding and building up the high rise, low rise large span buildings and commercial steel buildings. For these buildings, we use latest design and expertise with advanced software facilities from the concept until the installation. We provide flexible options for customization for the pre-engineered industrial buildings. We design and fabricate at a single source before the erection. These buildings are lighter, durable and resilient because of the efficient use of steel.


For high rise steel buildings latest design and engineering expertise along with advanced software facilitate complete solution, right from concept to installation. Not to mention, efficient material management and flawless transfer procedures.

Steel Structural Buildings


Construction of such buildings are cost-effective and can be done at a fast pace. Because all components are factory-made and can be transported and installed with ease. The most appealing aspects of pre-engineered industrial buildings are the flexibility of options and customization.

Steel Structural Buildings kerala


Oriental Steel Structural Buildings are designed, detailed and fabricated at a single source, before errection. Through efficient use of steel, these buildings are considerably lighter, durable and resilient. Add to this, the flexible frames, and as a result, these structures are earthquake resistant too.