The Rise of Prefabricated Construction In Kerala

Prefabricated construction is a new trend that is taking over the construction field in Kerala. Over the years, our civilization, living standards and requirements have changed. From living as hunters and gatherers to living in skyscrapers, we have evolved so much in the past few years. We have moved on from traditional methods of construction to modern, and technologically advanced methods.

Traditional Method of Construction

prefabricated construction in Kerala vs traditional construction

Traditionally, most of the constructions used stones and bricks. Most of the work was done with the help of different kinds of bricks. Which are stacked together to create a high-rise structure and then sealed with the help of cement?

Over some years, even this has changed. As the demand for higher and higher buildings increased.  The methods used for construction has changed as the demand for building with more than ten floors rose. Even during those times iron roads, pipes and other types of plates were used. To give structuring to the entire building. During these times, there was no need to find steel and PEB manufacturers. but now The PEB construction boom Kerala is demanding us to use methods of construction like prefabricated construction.

New Trends of prefabricated construction in Kerala

Over the past few decades, due to many disasters, both natural and manmade. We have come to realize that simple brick and mortar buildings, as well as the buildings with iron plates, do us no good. To ensure safety and to make sure that the buildings so constructed do not fall down again, the iron was replaced with steel. This made steel the go-to material for the construction of high rises. It gave rise to many steel factories and prefabricated steel structures manufacturer in Kochi and in various parts of India.

Here is why prefabricated construction Kerala become a brand new trend:

prefabricated construction in Kerala

Durable: Steel, unlike iron, does not fall prey to easy ruination. It can stay strong for a very long time. An example of this is that a steel plate may lose its shine, but it continues to be perfectly usable over the years. While an iron container may go bad in years.

Does not Accumulate Rust: Be it stainless steel or simple steel, rust is never a problem. Iron, on the other hand, starts to accumulate rust and begins to corrode quickly. The presence of moisture and water can make the entire structure fail or fall off.

Dust is not a problem: Dust accumulation over the iron pipes and plates may over the years weaken the structure. However, with steel, there are no such issues.

Apart from this, another vital reason why steel could be a primary ingredient for numerous forms of construction jobs nowadays is that steel offers a durable foundation for the buildings. You can build the use of steel for large buildings or for little structures.

Furthermore, the buildings made with the help of steel pipes or steel construction on the inside will not topple down easily and could even withstand natural disasters. All this has spiked the interest in prefabricated construction in Kerala.

The use of steel, although growing at this point will grow and become a huge boon for the world of construction. The increase in usage of Steel has eliminated iron from construction works. The increasing usage of prefabricated construction in Kerala will usher in a new era of a construction boom.

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