PUF Panels Manufacturers

Compromise No More On Safety!

PUF Panels Manufactured in compliance with a set of industrial norms and guidelines. As a PUF Panel Manufacturer, we never compromise on quality. High-quality raw materials go into their making, giving them a commendable structure, superior strength and remarkable longevity. They are widely used for roofing and building walls in several industries. We assure PUF Cool Sandwich Panels are available anywhere in Kerala.

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Lightweight, Energy-Efficient and Durable  PUF Panels

We provide one of the best lightweight, energy-efficient and durable Sandwich PUF panels that’s why we are known as one of the Top PUF panel manufacturers in Kerala.

Our Panels are best and Suitable for diverse applications, PUF panels consist of a rigid core sandwiched between sheet metal structural boards. PUF insulated sandwich panels integrate joints and studs, insulation, vapour and air barriers. Other advantages of these PUF cool Sandwich panels are it’s easy to install and affordable, the typical applications of PUF insulated panels include exterior wall, roof, and foundation systems of industrial and commercial buildings, cold storages, warehouses and pre-engineered buildings.

Oriental PEB, the top PUF panel manufacturers in India offers breakthrough insulation innovation in Prefabricated PUF panel roofing and wall cladding.

 PUF panel features

  • Energy savings for enormous economic benefits
  • Offered in endless dimensional requirements
  • Lifetime durability and high load-bearing capacity
  • Premier water and vapour resistance
  • Flexible design options
  • Easy installation and low maintenance requirements
  • Lifetime weatherproof guarantee

Why We Stand As Top PUF Panels Manufactures

Thermal efficiency, lifetime durability and fire resistance are characteristic features of sandwich PUF panels manufactured at Oriental PEB. An all-around of applications across multiple industrial and commercial platforms has empowered organizations to lead their respective sectors.

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  • High-load Bearing Capacity

  • Thermal Insulation

  • High Water and Vapour Barrier

  • Easy Erection, Low Maintenance

  • Excellent Panel Joining and Sealing
  • Design Flexibility