Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures

Significance of Structural Engineering and Prefabricated Structures Introduction  Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures are mainly used in office blocks, warehouses, and factory buildings. Structural Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering, that deals with the [...]

PEB: A New Technological Wave

Pre Engineered Buildings- The Upcoming Future Of Construction. Construction is an endless process, what about the future of construction? Experts say Pre-engineered steel buildings are the upcoming future of construction. The technological improvement over the [...]

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Range of Pre engineered buildings

What is Steel Structures Building? Steel building, is nearly everywhere – from buildings to bridges and from offices to homes. Steel is that the base of the development industry either within the sort of conventional [...]

Straight Column Steel building and its importance

Straight Column Steel building Straight Column Steel Building is the most popular steel building structure. All types of pre-fabricated buildings have different requirements. as discussed in this series on steel framing, choosing a clear span or [...]

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