Guys, This is all about modular building constructions. Actually I want to get more insight into Modular buildings Kerala. with the intention to acquire the knowledge I just visited Oriental PEB construction company which is one of the Premier PEB designers & manufacturers in Kerala

The most known fact about modular buildings is it is more energy-efficient than conventional buildings. I think you didn’t get an idea of what are the modular buildings. don’t be panic checkout below.

modular building constructions


What are the Modular Building Constructions?

Modular building constructions are separate, individual parts or modules that are fully completed and equipped when they leave the factories in which they are constructed. These modules can be created specifically to meet your requirements so will include electrics, plumbing, and all these necessities. we can also go as far as to implement the luxuries such as carpets, wallpaper, and other aesthetically pleasing items. Modular buildings offer a fast track, cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction projects.

Advantages of Modular buildings

  • Modular buildings are more cost-effective and easy to build
  • 50% faster completion chance when compared to traditional construction
  • Modular buildings are permanent also using high-quality products
  • modular buildings Kerala are very Eco-friendly

Have you guys ever think about why modular building constructions in Kerala is rising day by day. main reason is its efficiency to the ease build. there is no surprise that the modular construction is sweeping the country. At the present moment, residential home builders and commercial home builders are adopting modular building construction for good reason.

Here are major Three reasons why  modular is gaining popularity in the construction industry

Quality control

When it comes to construction It’s all about  Quality control. multiple reasons why modular construction is gaining popularity in Kerala and quality control is at the top of the list. The main motive of modular buildings are it is assembled in a controlled environment which means the majority of the build process is sheltered from the elements.

Faster build times

When we compared the modular buildings to traditional buildings, Modular construction results in faster build times.

Environmental Benefits

Unlike onsite construction practices, Waste in modular construction is used instead of discarded. When it comes to construction of the modular building is the Best and new industry standard.

prefabricated construction

Modular buildings are prefabricated buildings, and it may be used for the long term, permanent or temporary facilities such as industrial facility, schools, and classrooms, camps for military and civilians and health care facilities. This construction is Eco-friendly and easy to build. Modular buildings designed to be stronger than traditional buildings. This way of constructions used in an area that has whether concern such as hurricane and heavy rainfall.