• Design and construction of all types of factory buildings as well as metal structures, industrial steel structures etc.

  • Construction of buildings and process plant buildings.

  • Single or multi storeyed structures for industrial estates, technology parks, production units, bottling plants and factory buildings.

  • Facility to design and install integrated personnel and vehicle access doors and other accessories.

  • Can set up large fabrication facilities despite space constraints and minimizing cost.

Built-up Curved Rafter (BU)

PebHybrid (PH)

Clear Span (CS)

Single Slope (SS)

Multi-Span “1” (MS-1)

Multi-Span “2” (MS-2)

Multi-Gable (MG)

Roof System (RS)

Buildings used by the industry to reserve or stockpile raw materials or manufacturing products of industry is known as Industrial buildings. They may be categorized as Normal Type and Special Type. Simple roof structures on the open frame used for workshop, warehouses need large and clear areas and are known as Normal Type. Buildings used to assemble the heavy machine are known as a Special type.

Industrial buildings first appeared during the phase of the industrial revolution as the requirement for large buildings aroused to homestead machinery and a large number of workers. These buildings have become the part of 20th century and are noticed by the patterns of the column, skeletal structures and also these buildings influenced 20th-century architecture as a whole.

Modern revolution paved the way for the progress in the construction of these kinds of buildings. Design of these buildings depends on the features and characteristic lines of structures. The appearance of these buildings depends on the artistic treatment of the materials and structures. Quality of industrial building is improved by interior design, choice of structural elements etc.

Industrial buildings are commonly one-story with skylights. Multistory industrial buildings are constructed for plants that need to work out vertical production processes. Skeletons of One story buildings are in the shape of cross-frames, with columns embedded in the foundation. For multistory buildings, reinforced concrete frames are most often used. Prefabricated elements are used to produce reinforced concrete or specialized metal structures for the erecting or assembling the buildings.

Oriental PEB is the expertise of 50 years as the largest supplier of Aluminium and Steel products across the Country.  We are also noted for delivering quality steel structural for decades. We also design and install personnel and vehicle access doors, accessories. Also, sets up fabrication facilities space at a minimum cost. As an industrial buildings manufacturer, we ensure you with quality service.


A Mezzanine floor is a raised platform between the floor and ceiling of a building. They come in all shapes and sizes and aim to maximize the use of so-called vertical space. They provide additional room above and below and can be built free of existing structures.

Mezzanines are usually constructed from steel, aluminum or fiberglass and can be tailored to suit their settings. They are made up of beams, purlins, columns and decking, although handrails, pallet gates and staircases are common accessories, sometimes also added to Mezzanines.

Mezzanines are always custom-made, manufactured from detailed drawings and tailored to the needs and specifications of clients.
Building the steel frames which supports a Mezzanine takes a degree of skill and although some companies outsource their engineering, others choose to employ in house engineers – reducing the overall cost to their customers and keeping their prices competitive.


Crane beams are members that support the crane girders and facilitate the crane movement. These can be supplied to support the overhead cranes, underslung cranes and monorail cranes. Crane support includes brackets, beams and bracings. Building can be designed to support any required capacity. Generally overhead travelling crane up to 20 Mton are supported on Brackets. For higher capacity independent support system is provided.