Guys, this post aims at the benefit of choosing PUf panels in Construction technology.

Do you ever think people choosing PUF Panel when it comes to the term construction?

Yes, It has some advantages that’s why it has been getting demand.

After reading my post you will get an understanding view about the benefit of choosing PUF Panels in construction technology.

The Benefit of choosing PUF Panel in Steel Structure.Benefit of choosing PUF Panels for construction technology

The benefit of choosing PUF Panel in construction Technology for steel structures Polyurethane Foam(PUF) Panel is an important product in the construction industry because of the numerous advantages. Actually PUF panel is one of the most effective ways to maintain the energy efficiency of the building. So, the PUF panel building keeps the building cool in summer and warm in winter.

As a result, Puf panel is saving up to 40 – 50 % of heating and cooling costs and thereby Puf panels increase the effect of thermal efficiency and reduce the temperature inside the building. Puf panels are used for various applications like the Food processing industry, Cold storage, Living Shelters, Prefabricated shelters, portacabins, ripening chambers, clean rooms, Control rooms, health centers, wall cladding, High altitude accommodation shelters and many more.

Sandwich PUF Panel

Sandwich PUF panels can be called as composite panels or structural insulating panels (SIP). It consists of two layers of a rigid material bonded on either side of a lightweight core. The three components function as a composite together; that is, the combination of the component characteristics results in better performance than would be possible if they were working individually.

An Overview For Sandwich PUF Panels

Sandwich PUF panel elements became essential within the housing industry. because, It is used alongside traditional building materials like wood, steel, and concrete and became the most suitable and important choice material for the belief of varied buildings like production halls, airports, exhibition halls, cold rooms, plants, agricultural buildings, and lots of others.

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It’s trending in the construction field because its to be found in their excellent properties as insulating elements. Architects select these multilayer panels for several reasons, including their design potential and aesthetic, and their static and acoustic properties. Sandwich Puf Panel


  1. Higher energy saving due to very low thermal conductivity.
  2. Total construction cost (materials and labor) is less than for traditional framing.
  3.  Reduce the effect of noise pollution.
  4. All weatherproof construction and maintenance-free.
  5. Long-lasting value with controlled quality, accuracy & speed of construction.
  6.  Lighter in weight, easy to move and highly Insulated.
  7. High in quality, durable and economical.
  8. Easy assembling.

The durability, efficiency, and attributes of any structure vary according to the panels that it is made of. The prefabricated PUF panels manufactured by Oriental PEB Kerala offer high performance and low energy consumption. With a team of experienced engineers and technicians, designers and draughtsman, we ensure industry standards for every product that is rolled out.

I hope you guys get got an exact picture from my post about the benefit of choosing a PUF panel in construction technology. To know more about the role of Prefabrication materials in Construction Technology, just click here