Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered buildings are the building components which are manufactured at a factory and assembled on site. Usually, PEBs are steel structures and can be an alternative to conventional structural steel buildings. PEB structural buildings components are fabricated at the factory to the exact size, transported to site and assembled at the site, usually with bolted connections.
Pre-engineered buildings
This type of Structural idea is mostly used to build:
  • Industrial and Small Manufacturing Buildings
  • Small Retail and Commercial Office Buildings
  • Warehouses and Storage Units


Pre-engineered metal buildings use a combination of:

The structural steel framing system, Metal roofing system. Use of PEBs has the potential to drastically reduce the total construction time of the project. This also allows for faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue for building owners.

The advantages of pre-engineered buildings are

#1 Lower Cost

The main advantages of pre-engineered buildings are their cost. Due to the systems approach, there is a significant saving in structural component design, manufacturing, and on-site erection cost. The secondary members and cladding bundled can also reduce transportation cost.

#2 Flexibility of Expansion

Buildings may be simply expanded long by adding extra bays.
Also, growth broad and height is feasible by pre-designing PBEs for future growth.

#3 Quality Control

As buildings are manufactured completely in the factory under controlled conditions the quality is easier to manage vs. on project sites.

#4 Low Maintenance

Buildings are manufactured with high-quality paint for cladding and steel, applied in a controlled environment, which results in long durability and low maintenance costs. Energy-Efficient Roofing and Wall Systems. Buildings may be provided with polyurethane insulated panels or fiberglass blanket insulation to realize needed U values.

#5 Architectural Versatility

Building systems can be supplied with various types of metal wall panels, fascia, canopies, and curved eaves and are designed to accommodate pre-cast concrete wall panels, curtain walls, block walls as well as other wall systems.
Systems Availability and Compatibility
Advantages of Pre-engineered buildings
As the complete PEB is supplied by a single vendor, the compatibility of all the building components and accessories is assured. This is another of the major benefits of pre-engineered building systems.
Aren’t Pre-Engineered Buildings Just Ugly Metal Boxes Made From Cheap Materials?
NO! This is perhaps the hardest hurdle to jump because we’ve found that most people believe this is true. The idea that pre-engineered buildings cannot be customized or designed to be architecturally pleasing is false. The stigma that pre-engineered is cookie cutter and “off the manufacturing line” persists, but it could not be further from the truth. And, the idea of PEB’s manufactured with lower-quality materials couldn’t be further from the truth. PEB Kerala is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed any and all local building codes and often come with warranties for the lifetime of the structure.
How Do You Decide if a Pre-Engineered Building is Right for Your Project?
PEB’s are not the right or best system for all building types so let Schemmer help guide you on the type of building system that best suits your project needs. Whether the right building system is a conventional steel frame, structural pre-cast concrete, or PEB, you don’t have to sacrifice design or creativity by choosing one over the other. Teamed with the right design professional you can have it all. Partnering with Schemmer early in your new building planning phase, you can rest assured that your project will be customized to meet your needs.
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