Oriental Group holds an expertise of 50 years being the largest supplier of Aluminum and Steel products in the country. Oriental Group is noted for delivering quality and durable aluminum roofing sheets, galvalume roofing sheets and steel structures for decades. Born as Oriental Steel Trunks and Agrico Industries in 1965 as the brain child of the visionary Late VA Mohammed Kunju, it grew into Oriental Metals in 1980. It has been unstoppable since then setting new standards in the industry, which is spearheaded by the Director, MS Mohammed Kutty.
The company has a global reach and recognition with its innovation, service excellence and above all quality.

Pre engineered buildings

 Oriental PEB is a major player in the respective industry. A focused approach coupled with practice ethics made Oriental PEB one of the largest suppliers in the segment, reaching people through a strong network of dealers pan India.

pre engineered building

Our vision is to provide infrastructure solutions with cost-effective modes of architecture. The Pre Engineered building including high rise buildings are perfectly designed and implemented according to the customer satisfaction. As a leading steel building manufacturer in India, we strive to improve the overall building concepts with safe, earthquake free and environment-friendly steel buildings. Our experienced and enthusiastic team opens the perfect design with the help of latest technologies. Our aim is 100% customer-centric designing and implementation of steel buildings.

Oriental PEB is on a mission to improve the quality of Pre Engineered building in India. We will provide customized designs and implement them with perfect care. The quality is assured at each stage of production and it is based on strict values. We also try to make it affordable for a common man to have a dwelling with minimum cost. Our mission will help the society to build an eco-friendly and earthquake resistant buildings.

Oriental PEB

Oriental Pre-Engineered Buildings offers complete solution from concept to implementation. Up-to-the-minute, in-house design and engineering, specialized computer analysis and design software, optimize the material required. This mode of construction uses standard sections and connections, reducing design time significantly. Moreover, the efficient use of steel ensure a lightweight, yet durable construction. Since the focus is always on the highest quality standards, world class products are sourced exclusively. Impressive architectural design can be achieved, thanks to standard architectural features. Add to this, our world-class services thanks to a well-trained and professional team of experts.
Oriental Pre-Engineered Buildings are impressive in quality and can be customized effortlessly. Ensuring longer life span, this is a totally eco-friendly mode of construction, with no recourse to any harmful material at any stage of construction.