Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala

Pre Engineered Buildings are steel structures which is built over a structural concept of Primary members, Secondary members and the cover sheeting connected to each other. The structural members are custom designed be lighter in weight and high in strength. It can be fitted with different structural additions like trusses, mezzanine floors, fascia, canopies and crane systems as per project requirements. The flexibility of steel frames is the reason behind the emerging trend of Pre Engineered Buildings Kerala.


High-rise Commercial Buildings
Large Span Buildings-Warehouses, Factories,School Buildings, Hostel Buildings, Auditoriums,Stadiums, Supermarkets, Shopping Malls
Buildings with Complex Design
Residential Buildings-Multi/Single Stories Homes
Energy Efficient Building Construction
Buildings at Seismic Zone/Hilly Regions/Remote Localities
Construction of Lightweight Buildings
Fast Track Construction


Lightweight, Easy to Construct and Eco-friendly
Excellent Quality & Quality Control, Unique Aesthetic Appeal
Extensive Choice of Layouts
Superior Flexibility in Design and Fabrication
Economical Construction
Immense Strength, Durability and Resilience
Easily Transportable and Modular
Fire Resistant and Earthquake Resistant
Speedy Construction and Implementation

Structural Systems

Structures are the main load carrying and support members of a pre engineered building. The shape and size vary based on application and requirements. The main frame members are main load carrying member of structural systems which include columns, rafters, and other main support members. All structural steel sections and welded plate members that are designed in accordance with the applicable sections, relating to design requirements and allowable stresses of the latest edition of American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) Specification for Design, Fabrication, and Installation of the Structural steel for Buildings.

Rigid Frame With By-Pass Girts
Curved Fascia
Mezzanine Joist to Beam
Mezzanine Beam to Main Frame
Roof System With Insulation
Sidewall Roof Extension
Parapet Fascia
Endwall Roof Extension With soffit