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Alu-Zinc Roofing Sheets

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Aluminum Zinc Roofing Sheets by Oriental Peb

Oriental Peb Provides on of the premium quality Alu-Zinc Roofing sheets. Through a rigorous manufacturing process, it delivers the finest grade of industrial roofing sheets built from high-grade stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin, plastisol and silicone polyester. Known as Aluminum Zinc Roofing Sheets, they are galvanized with zinc to provide resistance against corrosion and the harmful effects of air pollution. Once manufactured, these sheets are stringently tested under quality parameters and proven to be highly durable. Roofing Sheets are available in a range of premium colors.

  • Maquis Tile
  • Induro Wide Rib 5
  • Induro Wide Rib 6
  • Excello Tile

  • Rufix Tile


Induro Wide Rib 5

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Induro Wide Rib 6

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Excello Tile

Rufix Tile