Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures

Significance of Structural Engineering and Prefabricated Structures Introduction  Structural Engineering and Pre-Fabricated Structures are mainly used in office blocks, warehouses, and factory buildings. Structural Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering, that deals with the [...]

PEB: A New Technological Wave

Pre Engineered Buildings- The Upcoming Future Of Construction. Construction is an endless process, what about the future of construction? Experts say Pre-engineered steel buildings are the upcoming future of construction. The technological improvement over the [...]

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Importance Of Pre Engineered Steel Buildings | Oreintal PEB

A pre-engineered steel building is a modern technology where complete designing is done at the factory. In this, we discuss the advantages as well as the importance of pre-engineered steel buildings. Al-though Steel is nearly [...]

Straight Column Steel Buildings And It’s Types

Straight Column Steel Building Let's discuss the Straight Column Steel Building. All types of prefabricated buildings have different requirements. As discussed in this series on steel framing, choosing a clear span or modular span framing [...]

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